Health Benefits of Sitting on Floor and Eating

Sitting on a table and chair and eating with a fork and knife have never been a part of Indian tradition. Initially, people used to sit on the floor and eat. However, people feel that it is just an old-school tradition without much relevance. Well, that's not true. There is a reason why our ancestors used to sit on the floor while eating. Ayurveda has it; sitting on the floor is a healthy habit and has a number of benefits to offer. Even today, people continue to sit on the floor while eating. So let's cut to the chase and unveil its benefits.

You don't just sit on the floor, you do yoga.

When you sit on the floor and eat, you sit in sukhasana or the cross-legged position. So it is like sitting, eating and doing yoga at the same time. This one is a yogic position which is known to induce better digestion. It is believed that when a person sits in this position to eat, it sends a signal to your brain which prepares the body for digestion. When you sit in this position, you bend forward to eat and then go back to the starting position to swallow your food. The constant back and forth movement activates your abdominal muscles and prepares it for better digestion.

Promotes weight loss

Weight gain is usually triggered by overeating. When you fail to realize when you are full, you end up eating too much. This is due to the inability of the vagus nerve to perform its functions. This nerve sends signals to the brain saying that you are satiated or not. Now when you sit on a table and chair, this nerve does not function properly. Sitting on the floor while eating ensure better functioning of this nerve. As a result, you do not overeat.

Improved flexibility

This habit can also make your body stronger and more flexible. It stretches your knees, hips, spine, chest, and ankles, thereby making them more flexible. This way it wards off many diseases as well. The strength and flexibility you gain from this position prevent you from slouching when you sit and you do not hurt your back when you bend. Sitting on a chair for too long induces pain in the back, hips and makes them stiff and weak.

Increases life expectancy

Are you able to get up from the cross-legged position without any support? If yes, then rejoice; research shows that you are more likely to live longer!
According to a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, people who sit in the cross-legged position and are able to get up without any support are more likely to live longer. This is because getting up without any support also takes a good deal of strength and flexibility.

Keeps the knees and hip joint healthy

Sitting on the floor keeps your knees and hip joint healthy. This way, you stretch your hips, legs, and pelvis, thereby making them more flexible. Your core muscles and ankles are also strengthened. Constantly bending the joints makes them more flexible and keeps them free of diseases. It ensures proper lubrication in the joints so that you do not experience much difficulty while sitting and walking.

Improved circulation

One of the most important requirements of your stomach for digestion is proper blood circulation. Sitting on the floor is the way to go for this. Sitting on a chair and eating makes blood circulation going in the opposite direction.
Keeps your mind and body at peace

Ayurveda has it; sitting on the floor and eating not only ensures the above, it keeps your mind and body at peace as well. Not to forget, a peaceful mind is essential for better digestion. So, this one has two-fold benefits.


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